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U.G.L. Is my official site, which in the future will host some of the most prolific underground music since psychopathic came about. I aint trying to put it out like im gonna do big shit with this music game, but i do know motherfuckas and can get someone exposure on the western part of the U.S.

What is Legit?

In order for something to be legit, it has to be able to handle itself without major attention from corperations and industries. Mainly music. I am a juggalo and anything psychopathic is underground legit. However lots of other acts, including those who I know not of, may very well be considered legit.....If you know anyone or a group of performers who are legit e-mail me at ugl187@yahoo.com and let a motherfucka promote that shit for free!!!

The Wicked Shit Is What Drives Me.

Ive been involved with the killer crazy underground psychotic shit for over 10 years and I still nut my draws when something new comes out from the Hatchet Hatchery.

Updates as soon as i get them.

I will keep all the juggalo nation informed when it comes to shit like new releases from the hatchet and also new releases from local acts all across the U.S. maybe even someone you know!!! I am currently involved with a few local and state-wide acts who are working tirelessly to get they shit to you, the potential fans, so they can be included as legit. When my fucking album drops, later this year, i will post selected songs for free for 2 days so ya'll can see what the fuck im about.

Who do you think is the best act in music today? Take the fucking poll already!

Which group or solo artist is the best to ever grace the mic?
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